Klässbols linen factory

Sharp project at Brobygrafiska with Klässbols, 2015.
– Packaging design, construction, development.




Deep in the forest of Värmland is Klässbols; a prestigious linen factory that has a special place in Swedish homes and is associated with craftsmanship, tradition and mainly make assignments for the Swedish embassy and the Swedish royal family. The factory is run by third and fourth generations of the Johansson family that works with a strong sense of tradition and faith in linen, which will take Klässbols linen factory to a whole new level.

Klässbols gave us an assignment to develop a new packaging concept that would attract a new and younger audience. A major focus was that the package would be easy to be delivered flat to the factory and that it would convey a premium feeling. 

In collaboration with Sophia Wimmerstedt


We took Klässbols from handicraft to modern design with a timeless design. Black and white packaging with a pattern inspired by the weaving machine makes new Klässbols feels modern and updated.