Graduation work, Brobygrafiska 2016.
– Redesign, packaging design, identity.


Palmolive is an american brand that has since 1806 offered a wide range of skin care products to affordable prices. The brand has been established for a long time on the Swedish market but they are competing for the consumer’s attention. New trends are appearing and it has been difficult for Palmolive to keep up; they are facing the challenge that the target group is saturated and thirst for change.

We have given them a new identity and developed a new packaging range with an updated collection with 3 different series that adapt to your skin type rather than gender coded scents. We’ve been striving to create a new brand that stands for sustainability and that conveys that the products are from ”nature’s own pharmacy”.

In collaboration with Joakim Tidén, Malin Algothsson and Michelle Nilsson.


We have given Palmolive an expanded product range, which includes three different series; moisturizingbalancing and repairing. Each series are developed for you skin type rather than focusing on the gender coded scents.


The new design for Palmolive is timeless, gender neutral and inspired by Scandinavian nature. The brand conveys that they have turned into a sustainable brand that can reach a new level on the market.